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Holy, it's been a minute.

Holy smokes it has been a while since I have posted anything. The Caseys have not been on the move of late. Instead we have been adventuring near our home! We have visited some really cool NYC experiences like the Color Factory (pictured below), Gulliver's Gate, The Nat Geo Ocean Explorer Experience, the Turtle Back Zoo and my favorite NYC institution, the NYBG.

Because of a new job and not being able to work remotely, I have had fewer opportunities to travel with the family. Mexico was our last hurrah, for a while at least. Traveling less isn't a horrible thing. We can save more money and have been able to invest in a family pass to the American Museum of Natural History! Our membership has mobile passes, allows us to bring 2 guests and gives us 4 free tickets to upgraded experiences like IMAX movies and special exhibits.

This weekend we are fortunate enough to be in Vermont, a first for me, I am loving the quiet and the green even if it is super duper rainy. We've loved the quaint downtowns, and stillness. I am looking forward to traveling more later this year but am enjoying this not so busy time in our lives.

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