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Find cheap flights with Skyscanner!

Skyscanner is an amazing website and app for finding and booking cheap flights. I love using it when i am flexible with where I want to go but not flexible on the dates. For me and mine, it isn’t always about where we go but just that we are going somewhere, anywhere at all. In the event that we want to take a last minute trip or know we have a specific week we can travel but not sure where to go, SkyScanner is our first step.

Here is how it works:

  1. Enter desired travel dates, your home airport and your destination into the SkyScanner fare finder.

  2. Choose “Everywhere” as your destination to see all flights out of your home airport sorted by price with the cheapest to the most expensive destinations over your dates

  3. Scroll through your results, research your options and book the most fabulous option!

I have used SkyScanner to book 2 trips in the past: Ireland and Barcelona. These places were already on my travel list and I was thrilled to find round trip flights for less than $500 for each of these!

Find an inexpensive place to travel with skyscanner and then book affordable accommodations on for double winning!

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