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Babysitters in a foreign land

When we say we got a sitter in Dublin, some people look at me like I grew a second head. Others ask me all about it because they desperately want to do the same thing. I have had conversations with some parents who say they just feel too guilty about the whole thing which I totally understand but here’s the thing: we go on a vacation to vacate!

Elisa babysitting team

To really vacate and take a break from our work and our daily lives, we sometimes might need to consider taking a break from our beloved babies. We literally live for them, everything we do is for them! So yes we deserve a break and if a fully baby-free vacation isn’t in the cards, then getting a local sitter is an affordable and convenient option.

We visited Dublin with a couple of our good friends (one being my sister). These women love our little family which is why they were down to travel with us and our baby in the first place. We knew we wanted to hang out as adults without the baby and had vaguely been aware of babysitting services.

First things first, I of course googled babysitting services in Dublin and found several options. Second things second, I looked up reviews on all available platforms, mainly Facebook and TripAdvisor. I then looked at the profiles of the reviewers to make sure they were you know, real people.

In the end we chose Elisa Babysitting Service to watch over our little peanut.

The booking process was easy and straightforward. Our sitter Maria was to come to our hotel and watch CC in our hotel room 2 nights during the trip. Maria was fantastic. She arrived on time, was kind and patient with us, communicative over text and jumped right in as soon as she arrived. Carmine didn't cry with her at all when we left which immediately put us at ease. Both times we used the service Maria was our sitter and both times we came home to a baby sound asleep in his pack n play.

Our first experience with babysitters while traveling was fantastic and we will absolutely do it again and for anyone heading to Dublin I would totally recommend Elisa Babysitting.

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