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4 Tips to make security suck a little less with an infant

Traveling with a baby, infant or child is hard without adding the drama of security. Over the past two years I have learned a few things about making the experience a bit less hectic and am sharing them here for your traveling pleasure.

1. When traveling with a very young infant, 3-9 months, keep your hands free with a baby carrier

I always prefer a carrier to a stroller when traveling alone. It’s so much easier to do everything, go to the bathroom, order food, look through your bag, and no last minute stroller collapsing and gate checking. Older, heavier children by all means take the stroller, but a young smoosh ball just carry them.

2. Carry your baby in your arms when you go through the metal detector.

When traveling with a baby, one of the adults will have to go through the metal detector with the child. Don’t carry them in the carrier though, instead, hold them in your arms. If you carry them in your baby bjorn or what have you, you will require an additional pat down. If you simply carry them through in your arms, you get to be on your way as soon as you clear the metal detector. It took me 5 trips before someone told me that.

3. If you have any baby food, bottles, formula, etc. take it all out and throw it in a tray.

TSA will screen and test it but if you don't take it out it can add time and drama to the whole ordeal. If you have an older baby drinking a bottle, prepare your heart and mind for possible side eye from the TSA agent testing your liquids for dangerous substances.

4. Add 30 minutes to what you think you need so you aren’t feeling stressed out.

The most ridiculous things can happen during security and now that I have a baby its not like I get to go through security and have a cocktail while I wait for my gate. More often than not I have to run to a bathroom, change a diaper and feed them a snack before even thinking about getting to a gate.

What do you do to make security suck that much less? Tweet at me to let me know! @travelingcaseys

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