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My can't-do-without baby travel gadgets

Approximately 1.5 years of infant travel under my belt, these are my favorite gadgets to have on or near my person while traveling with my boy. These things make my life easier and I highly recommend them for any family traveling (by plane, train or automobile) with a newborn or infant. Here they are!*

*Full disclosure, the links below are Amazon affiliate links. If you buy a product through them I will earn a small commission but the price you pay is the same if you use my link or not!

Boba Wrap

This long piece of stretchy fabric is perfect for newborns. I used it until CC was about 6 months old. It kept him super cozy throughout the 4th trimester and he would basically pass out whenever I plopped him in there.

Ergobaby 360

When CC started being able to crawl out of the boba we upgraded to a 360! This thing is not as cute as the Boba but it is freaking awesome. My husband can wear it, the baby can nap while facing inward, be entertained by the world facing outward, or we can even wear him on our backs which is great for longer journeys on foot.

Formula dispenser

Makes it easy to pour out pre-portioned servings of formula for clean bottle making on the go.

Baby backpack

Baby backpack > shoulder diaper bag. Just as many pockets and compartments but I wear this on my back, baby on my front and my hands are free for eating/shopping/phoning.

Wet/Dry Bags

I keep all the diaper things in the large pouch (diapers, wipes, vaseline, ointment) and any wet or dirty clothes in the front pouch. The bag keeps any messy blowout clothes contained! I use these bags daily not just on trips and love them.

Medela hand pump

Pump on the go while away from baby easily and directly into a Medela baby bottle. Wet dry bag for pump parts too!

Medela bottle cooler

Store pumped milk safely for 6+ hours when using the included frozen gel pack.

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