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Baby-free-vacation: Nervous, excited, thankful and guilt-free

My husband and I are embarking on an epic, baby-free-cation. We will be spending a week in the desert at one of our favorite places in the world, Burning Man. We are feeling some mixed emotions but feel really good about making the choice to do this.

This is by far the longest time either of us will be away from the baby. This is also the longest amount of time CC will be away from both his parents ever. I am nervous that we will miss him a lot or possibly too much and maybe not be able to fully enjoy myself. I also know that humans are complex creatures and the same way I have mixed emotions about the trip, I can have mixed emotions during the trip.

I am also incredibly excited! We are going to be completely on our own. We will really be able to do whatever we want, whenever we want. We can sleep in, read, dance, find some arts and crafts to do, watch a show, eat a delicious meal, go on a magical date night. We have a full week without any obligations. That is a magical thought!

We are incredibly lucky to have such a loving, supportive and selfless family willing to use their own vacations to watch our boy while we head out on this adventure. My beautiful sisters are going to take CC on a 4 day Disneyland vacation, staying at Disney's Grand Californian. They are going to throw him an early birthday party with all his cousins and generally show him an amazing, fun time. Chances are he will miss us when things slow down and get bored, but he is in great hands and I am so happy to be doing this.

All in all, I am thrilled we are doing this for ourselves. Three cheers for guilt and baby free travel!

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