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Flying with an infant: Aer Lingus

Last month we went on our very first international trip as a family. We flew with Aer Lingus, a budget, Irish airline with non-stop transatlantic flights from most major cities on the east coat of the US to Dublin and Shannon airports.

This was our first time flying a budget airline so I was a little nervous but I was very excited about the price tag! Our round trip flights were less than $500.

Aer Lingus baby bassinet

My worries turned out to be totally unfounded! Both flights with Aer Lingus were fabulous.

We flew with CC as a lap child so he was basically free (just paid a small fare and taxes).

Upon check-in were asked if we'd like a bassinet. I had read about these online but was unable to get a picture of them or reserve ahead of time. We said yes and were given bulk head seats with insane amounts of legroom and this lovely little tray that folded down to form the base of the bassinet. The bassinet itself was a cardboard box and had to be stowed during take off, landing and taxi. Once it was assembled and he was inside two straps secured the box to the tray. He slept the entire way from JFK to Dublin and had a solid nap on the way back. Having him off our laps was luxurious!

Generally speaking, the flight attendants were attentive and thoughtful throughout. The food was solid, pretty tasty and hot. Not gourmet but, you know, solid. Wine and soft drinks were included with the meal which is always welcome.

I would highly recommend the airline for flying with kids because it was cheap but comfortable without nickel and diming you.

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