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My carry-on when traveling with baby

Pre-baby, I was a slick, smooth, speedy traveler. I never checked a bag and always had my things neatly packed into one carry on with a normal handbag as my personal item.

Post baby, my carry on became a bunch of crap thrown into a diaper bag, backpack, carry-on suitcase, and a hope for the best.

We just came back from a week long trip and 1.5 years into CC's life, I finally feel confident in my on-board with baby strategy.

Here is everything I pack in my carry-on to not only survive but be super comfortable and happy:

  1. Baby carrier

We have used both the Boba wrap and Ergo Baby 360. It keeps us hands free through the airport which is key to sanity. No need to collapse and gate check a stroller either!

Pro-tip: Avoid additional screening at security by sending the carrier through the x-ray machine and holding baby in your arms.

  1. Baby Bag

Our baby bag is a small backpack we got at target on sale for $8. It is cuter than a traditional diaper bag but easier for me to carry. I throw #3-6 into the bag.

  1. Wet/dry bag with diapers and diaper things

The wet/dry bag is an amazing invention and everyone with small children or pets should have one! These are my favorite. In the larger pocket I keep diapers, 1 for every 2 hours we will be traveling + 1 extra. In the smaller pocket I keep a travel size tube of vaseline to ward off diaper rash, wipes and baby lotion.

  1. Baby bottle, 20 oz bottle of water, 10 scoops of formula in small container (none of this when I am nursing)

  2. Toy/Coloring Book/Kid's Kindle Fire with 2 baby friendly distractions downloaded and two books I can read to him. I leave my perfect parent badge at home and allow screen time during travel. Just kidding, I don't have a perfect parent badge.

  3. Lightweight blanket

  4. Sweater

CC runs very hot. I do not. I have to blast the air on us to keep him comfy so I bring a sweater now to make sure I am happy.

  1. My bag

In my bag you will find all my normal travel must haves:

  • Kindle fire with book, 2 adult movies downloaded on it

  • hand sanitizer & wet wipes

  • wallet with ID, money, cards

  • phone & earbuds

  • Back up power bank, chargers for devices

#familytravel #travelingwithanewborn

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